Paper keyboard for iPhone

I have always wanted to try a virtual keyboard with a smartphone that doesn't require any accessory, as seen in Hollywood action movies. I am glad to come across this app - Paper Keyboard. This app turns a paper into a virtual keyboard and the front camera detects your fingers as you type on the... Continue Reading →


If This, Then That App! (IFTTT)

A collection of applets that provides automation services and works based on if-then conditional statement.If you like being active on various social media, but have to make many clicks in order to keep all our profiles updated whether it's updating a picture or a video or a blog. Instead of opening each app to update,... Continue Reading →

Let’s brush up our Foundation!

While watching a lad get hurt on World's Most Amazing Show Dad: What are the Newton's laws of motion? Me: Well, I know only the third one!! Dad: ?!?! Kid: Is burning of candle a physical or chemical change? Me: chemical change? Kid: *Laughs for 5mins* U don't know? It's both! Me: How is it... Continue Reading →

Search engine and YouTube SFK

Worried about a kid's internet browsing activities?? Well, you have come to the right place. Let's breathe a sigh of relief! Kiddle is a search engine that is specially made for kids. It's a third party that runs on Google's Safe Search and Custom Search. "Children Only" abbreviates to its domain name. It works same... Continue Reading →

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