If This, Then That App! (IFTTT)


A collection of applets that provides automation services and works based on if-then conditional statement.

If you like being active on various social media, but have to make many clicks in order to keep all our profiles updated whether it's updating a picture or a video or a blog. Instead of opening each app to update, IFTTT allows you to do it with a single click!

  • If you post a blog on blogger, then tweet it.
  • If it's going to rain tomorrow, then add reminder to carry an umbrella.
  • If a friend wishes you on your birthday on Facebook, then send thank you message.
  • If you take a photo near the office/college, it's probably a receipt, then email it.
  • If you add an event to your calendar, then add a reminder.
  • If you take a iPhone screenshots, then email it.
  • If you change your Facebook profile picture, then update twitter picture too.
  • If you upload or liked a video on Youtube, then tweet it or share it on Facebook.
  • When you are tagged in a Facebook photo, then save it to GoogleDrive.
  • When you post a Facebook status, tweet it.
  • When you post Insta video, then post it on Facebook.
  • When you post on Insta with a wedding hashtag, then tweet it.
  • When you take a pic in your hometown, save it to a specific album.
  • When you add a note, then create a draft post on WordPress.
  • When you take Insta pic at work, post it on Linkedin.
  • Get notification when a top app goes free or when a specific app's price drops.
  • Save all the email attachments from Gmail to GoogleDrive or Dropbox.
  • Track your work hours on your calendar.
  • Get morning quotes on mondays.
  • Get an email every sunday with NYTimes articles that matters to you.
  • Get rent due notification every month.

Well, lot of work made simple with IFTTT.

iOS – Download here

Android - Download here

Why don't you give a try and don't forget to comment below! 😉



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