Let’s brush up our Foundation!

While watching a lad get hurt on World’s Most Amazing Show
Dad: What are the Newton’s laws of motion?
Me: Well, I know only the third one!!
Dad: ?!?!

Kid: Is burning of candle a physical or chemical change?
Me: chemical change?
Kid: *Laughs for 5mins* U don’t know? It’s both!
Me: How is it a physical change?
Kid: *Laughs again*
Me: Uff! Gives up! *Googles it*

Once I was wearing a watch, the coating has come off. So, most times I get blue stains on my wrist. This got me thinking. I found that it’s actually copper sulphate. The copper of my watch has reacted with sulphur present in the atmosphere and formed copper sulphate on my wrist!

Once we were not getting water for three days and had to depend on borewell water. But Dad was not comfortable about it. So, he gave me a long explanation on hard water and soft water. Why and which one to be used and for what.
Me: Oh God! It’s all Science!

Do you know that dry cleaning is really harmful to us! My mom used to get her sarees dry cleaned. Dry cleaned clothes can give off toxic fumes!

All of the above, we have learnt in our school days. But sadly, we don’t remember any of it! It’s really important not to forget the foundation taught in our school days. It helps you a lot in many ways!

No worries, we can go back to school using Byju’s App!



Byju’s is one of the best education app I have come across. Believe me, you would fall in love with learning! It has got subjects right from class 4 till class 12. Mainly Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, including General knowledge!


They provide captions for the videos as well. There are quizzes that you can compete with other players across the globe.


I often use this app as rapid fire to pass time with friends!

iOSDownload here

AndriodDownload here

“Learning” should be our lifetime job. Feel free to comment below if you agree! 😉


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