Best Wake Up Alarm for Deep Sleepers and Late Risers

Close up of alarm clock, woman in background.

Sometimes we sleep through the alarm, sometimes we turn it off involuntary, sometimes snooze is not enough, sometimes the phone battery runs out and many other valid reasons you can think of!

There is always a solution. There are alarm apps which makes you stand on your feet or even make you think so that your (wake) neurotransmitters ramps up and sets you in a wide awake mode!

1. Walk Up Alarm Clock

This is the most annoying app I have come across. You can set the number of steps where you have to walk to silence the alarm. You would be surprised by the alarm sound (Not for sensitivities). Watch out for the evil mode!


Funny thing, I got this when I tried to accelerate it by shaking the phone! ;P


Note: Please do NOT try in middle of night while your parents/kids/elderly are asleep! I made a mistake. Oops!

iOSDownload here

Unfortunately it’s not available for android. Anyway, you can use the alternative.

Android – Download here

2. Alarmy

This alarm app has got more options other than setting the number of steps.

You can set a mission by shaking a phone to a number of times and also set the shake sensitivity.

You can set one or more math problem(s) of five difficulty levels. This mission makes you to grab a pen to solve it!

You will have to search for an object to shoot an image of it! Another interesting option!

You can scan a barcode or QR code to silence the alarm. The easiest one!


iOS – Download here

Android – Download here

3. I can’t wake up

This is another interesting app! It gives many more options compared to previous one.

Math task – One or more math problem(s).

Memory task – A Memory card game.

Rewrite task – A captcha code.

Order task – Ordering the numbers.

Pair task – Pairing the cities with its country.

Repeat task – Pressing the highlighted buttons.

Shake task – Shaking the phone a number of times.

Barcode task – Scan one or more barcode(s).


Note: The first two tasks are free. You need to upgrade in order to use the other tasks. You can use more than one task for an alarm.

iOSDownload here

Android – Download here

P.S: All of the above apps increases the volume to the maximum and there is no way for you to reduce or silence it until you complete the task! Don’t you think it’s fun?! 😉

Let’s try out and feel free to comment below.


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