Search engine and YouTube SFK

Worried about a kid’s internet browsing activities??

Well, you have come to the right place. Let’s breathe a sigh of relief!

Kiddle is a search engine that is specially made for kids. It’s a third party that runs on Google’s Safe Search and Custom Search. “Children Only” abbreviates to its domain name.


It works same as google except that it shows safe and family-friendly sites and pages written specifically for kids. It’s regularly checked by the Kiddle editors. It filters out all the inappropriate information as much as possible.

YouTube Kids
, developed by Google, too filters out inappropriate content in same way as Kiddle. It provides an option for us to block a video if we find it questionable. 

YouTube Kids has found a way into SmartTVs.

iOSDownload here

AndroidDownload here

Unfortunately, I have stumbled across few harsh content and crime-related sites like TV shows. Ads are big “NO” as it could lead from one site to another.

Hopefully, Kiddle as well as YouTube Kids gears up and make it more kid-friendly.

A Recount of my Experience

I first learnt internet at class 5 and I remember my early exposure to media. I was a stubborn and curious kid. I remember my dad used to find excuses and try to limit my internet usage as much as possible. I used to look up to internet when my questions went unanswered by my parents. I believe child’s maturity mainly depends on the kind of background and the kind of exposure he/she gets.

At last, the control is at minimum and the kids can’t be monitored for long hours. No child would want to be called as a kid after certain age and that’s when most of us decide to step up. The last option is to tell the kid what to do when one comes across inappropriate content. Help them to understand what one is seeing and react in a positive way.

Comment below what you feel about it.


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