Exploring the world through neighbour’s eyes!

How about we travel the world for free?

Its done by using “Periscope“. Did we hear that word in our school days? Periscope is an instrument that consists of two mirrors, each set parallel to each other at 45 degree angle. It provides indirect line-of-sight observation from our current position. Google the images if you didn’t get it!

Here, we are talking about an app – Periscope that lets people to explore the world through our neighbors’ eyes.


It was developed by Beykpour and Bernstein who were the travelers. There was a protest that broke out in Istanbul and Beykpour wanted to see. But he could not visualize with help of tweets on them. They believed that a live video is a powerful source of truth. It inspired them and came up with an idea to create a platform that allows people to broadcast from anywhere in the world. It was launched in 2014 before it was acquired by Twitter in 2015.

I have been using this app since a week and it amazed me!periscopeWith Periscope, we can…

– Watch Australia’s best sunset and sunrise spots
– Watch Live concerts
– Watch celebrities have their say (I have come across very few! James Murray for example)
– Watch community free speech or protests
– Watch the cops in action
– Watch FBI/UK police ongoing investigations
– Watch Scotland’s magnificent castles
– Watch people’s road trips
– Watch the locals describing their day
– Watch someone giving a peek into their lectures
– Watch inspirational/motivational speeches
– Watch spooky side of the world
– Showcase our skills
– Interact with people through comments
– The Bermuda Island (the one which got me curious!)
– And many more genres like Arts & Culture, Lifestyle, Sports, Music, News, Travel, Comedy, and so on.
– Even the weird ones (which I use to watch to kill time!)

Are you looking to try out your first broadcast?
Well, you can have the option to broadcast publicly or broadcast it to your followers or specific friends. You can either save the broadcast or even have it deleted after 24 hours. There is broadcast 360, a new option that is being rolled out for android users!

Once your broadcast is out, you can check the number of live viewers, replay viewers, how long they stayed, number of hearts you received from each viewers.

You can find a numerous broadcast markings on the World Map! The red markings are live, while the blue markings are saved.


You can search for the broadcast based on hashtags, location and people

Worried about the creepy people out there?
No worries, there is a block option!
The user gets shadow banned (Banning the user from the app without his knowledge!) if he gets blocked from more than four scopes.

The cons I found in app is that it’s very hard to look for a good channel to follow. Same way, it’s difficult for others to search for your channel. Social networking sites can help you to let your friends to find you and your channels. I guess the app is still in infant stage.

Ready to try it out? Comment below and let us know what you feel about it.

iOSDownload here

AndroidDownload here

DesktopOpen here


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